welcome to my carrd.co!

hi there! i'm reiitanaka, as you all know by now. i picked up a crayon when i was a smol baby and i haven't stopped drawing since then lol ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
i entered the hetalia fandom first when i was around 7, back when all the cringy memes were still hot stuff and we all listened to nightcore. then one day i managed to escape the hetalia hole (for a little while) (✿´ ꒳ ´)
with the rise of theater kid culture and musicals came a new fandom and a new (shortlived) art blog. i eventually deleted it though once the whole buzz died down.
i also entered the osomatsu san fandom during this time. i'm still a part of this fandom to this day (i even watched the osomatsu san movie) but i'm not really that active in the ososan fandom anymore ¯\_/( ◉ 3 ◉ )\_/¯
then i watched a video on youtube in early 2020 about hetalia and here we are now! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
that's it for my short autobiography, feel free to check out the other stuff here if you want to ∩( ´∀` )∩

  • bungou stray dogs

  • danganronpa: the animation

  • hetalia

  • jibaku shounen hanako kun

  • jigoku shoujo

  • jojo's bizarre adventure

  • junji ito collection

  • kakegurui

  • mob psycho 100

  • neon genesis evangelion

  • one punch man

  • overlord

  • rwby

  • sailor moon

  • saint young men

  • tanya the evil

  • adventure time

  • chowder

  • clarence

  • codename: knd

  • courage the cowardly dog

  • craig of the creek

  • dexter's laboratory

  • fairly odd parents

  • gravity falls

  • hi hi puffy amiyumi

  • infinity train

  • looney toons

  • peanuts

  • regular show

  • ren and stimpy

  • spongebob squarepants

  • steven universe

  • tawog

  • uncle grandpa

  • the simpsons

  • we bare bears

  • blackjacks (2ne1)

  • blinks (blackpink)

  • once (twice)

  • reveluv (red velvet)

  • s♡ne (girls' generation)

  • arcaea

  • minecraft

  • osu

  • phigros

  • pokemon

  • puyo puyo

  • stardew valley

  • tetris

here are all my faves, in order!!

  • lisa (blackpink)

  • kiku honda (hetalia)

  • numbah 3 (knd)

  • albedo (overlord)

  • sylveon (pokemon)

  • wendy (red velvet)

  • sailor mars (sailor moon)

  • maru (stardew valley)

  • tanya (tanya the evil)

  • lisa simpson (the simpsons)